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Davis Lund Aviaries

The Davis Lund Aviaries’ Goal

Our goal is to promote softbill aviculture by providing an introduction to softbilled birds to the general public, and by sharing experiences and knowledge with other softbill aviculturists.  We are private aviculturists and have been working with a large variety of softbills since 1992.  We currently have over 100 individuals of over 20 different species, from honeycreepers to hornbills.  All of the birds and aviaries pictured throughout this site are ours unless noted.  See some of our birds in action at our YouTube Channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/DLAviaries.  We are always looking to contact other softbillers so feel free to send us an email.

We are members of and support the mission of the following avicultural organizations:

We firmly believe in protecting our right to work with exotic animals and have compiled a webmix of links dealing with this:  Aviculture & the Law.

Turacos in Aviculture (2012)
Turacos in Aviculture (2012)

Kateri Davis has written “Mousebirds in Aviculture” 2001 and “Turacos in Aviculture” 2012 by Birdhouse Publications, and contributed the turaco and mousebird chapters in the 2007 book “Hand-Rearing Birds” by Blackwell Publishing.  She has written several magazine articles and given several presentations on softbilled birds.

Communication, education, and research are vital if we are to be successful in doing the best for our birds.  Not only do we work with other private aviculturists but also the zoological community.  Our webmix of links dealing with finding other softbill breeders, importers, husbandry manuals, etc. was created to help communicate more information  Softbill Bird Aviculture.  If you breed softbills or have other links to add please send me an email.

Softbill Focus

Since 1990 in Sacramento, CA, the Davis Lund Aviaries has been specializing in raising and breeding exotic softbills.  Our flock also contains some exotic finches, doves, and quail.  In the summer of 2004, we moved the aviaries to 12 acres in the Eugene, Oregon area, building a series of zoo-like aviaries.  Although we cannot be considered a huge set-up since there are several other softbill aviaries that make ours look like “small potatoes”, we have been blessed with the opportunity to work with over a 100 individuals of over 20 softbill species and breed many of them.  We keep most of our young produced but do occasionally have birds for sale or trade.  We work at establishing several species to help ensure that these birds will be around in USA aviculture for many generations to come.  We also work cooperatively with zoos and are members of the SSP Studbooks for Red Crest Turacos and Spurwing Plovers/Lapwings.  Birds are our passion!

Davis Lund Aviaries – all our flights are fully planted

Our Philosophy

To have healthy birds is not enough; they must be happy as well.  Our birds live in spacious, planted, outdoor enclosures enabling them to fly and behave naturally.  Oregon climate creates some unique challenges when creating outdoor aviaries.  Most birds are kept with mates in mixed-species aviaries.  Special care is taken to meet each bird’s requirements to give each the best environment possible.  We keep detailed records on each individual and close band offspring.

Hope you enjoy your visit and find our website helpful.  Your feedback is always appreciated.


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  1. Hi There …
    I live in a nature reserve … so this is the zone of the beautiful mouse bird … But they are destroying my garden …any idea how i can keep them off my agapanthus buds? – Please help!!


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