Birds Available

Current as of 08/21/17

We are private softbill breeders and do not broker or import birds.  The birds we sell are usually raised in our aviaries, and if not, are listed as to the origin.  Quantity and local sales are discounted.  All birds are sold with written sales contract/health guarantee, care sheets, sexing paperwork, and pedigree charts/family trees.

Shipping is available by airlines (United or Delta) for about $100.00 plus crate fee.  Trades for other softbills or bloodlines are always considered.  Prices and availability are subject to change.  Contact us at

Photos are of our birds and representative of what the adults look like but are not always pictures of the actual individuals for sale.  Gender code used is 0.0.0 = male.female.unknown.

DSC04187  0.0.0 Parent-raised Red Crest Turacos – $400 each

Parent-raised in outdoor aviaries. None available at this time but two chicks in nest ready to fledge. Will be ready around beg. of Sept.

img_1804.jpg  0.0.2 Hand-raised Red Crest Turacos – $450 each – SOLD

Summer 2017 chicks are hand-raised, weaned, and tame.

WCT  0.0.0 White Cheek Turaco – $450 each

None available at this time. Two chicks fledged. Will be ready end of August/beginning Sept.

wbmbadulthead  1.0.0 Parent-raised White Back Mousebird – $200 for a 2011 male

These are aviary raised, domestic, wild birds. None available at this time. Pairs currently nesting. If interested, please contact us to get on waiting list.

Copy of Pictures 8.06 022  0.0.2 Hand-raised White Back Mousebird – $350.00 each SOLD

These are pet quality, tame, weaned chicks. Not often offered. First time in three years! Don’t miss out!

SmPL  4.1.0 Spurwing Plover/Lapwing – $200 each extra males, $450 a bonded sibling pair (egg laying)

DOB 2015 & 2016, all siblings, close-banded, parent/aviary raised, very rare birds!


0.1.0 Silver Beak Tanager – $200 each

2016, domestically bred from import parents.