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Although there are definitely far fewer softbill species available in the USA than in the Golden Age of Aviculture (1950-1970s), there are still wonderful softbill species to be found.  Most softbillers are located in the southern states so unless you are lucky enough to be in those areas, shipping will need to be involved to obtain birds.  Shipping is quite safe though, but does add to the cost of the purchase.  The Davis Lund Aviaries ships birds all around the USA.

Since there are only a few softbill breeders and only a handful of importers, finding the desired softbill species and gender can be difficult and take years of searching.  A species available now may not be found in a few years.

The National Finch & Softbill Society (NFSS) takes an annual census on finches and softbills.  Anyone can participate (even anonymously), and this helps understand the species and numbers held in  the USA.  We recommend all softbillers, whether you hold one or many individuals, to participate.

See our webmix for softbill breeders, informational websites, and avicultural organizations.  http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/softbillaviculture

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